Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 716 Issue Date: 21 Aug, 2016

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Looking forward to another Successful Year

It has been a delayed start by me, but my first President’s message.

Thank you to all members for the input to the Club visioning.  I consider that it is important for the Club to identify the key attributes and outcomes that we wish to have as the key focus for the club for the next 1 to 5 years. The additional votes that were gathered at the last Club meeting have been collated and the updated results of the visioning exercise have been uploaded to the website, to allow review by all.  The next step is that volunteers for overseeing each section are sought, so that all members can take responsibility for an area or item to plan how the club will reach each of these 2020 goals.

To aid identification and allocation of areas of responsibility, club committees have been confirmed and the committee structures have been updated on the website.  Please check and confirm.

An annual major fundraiser and flagship community event have been identified as key features in the visioning exercise.  In 2016, our major fundraiser is the High Tea for Humanity on Sunday 2nd October.  I encourage all to support what will be a great event.  

                                                                    David Fisher


Special Days
Sun, 4 Sep - Lynette Dias' Birthday

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Meeting Rosters
Thanks & Cleanup
23 Aug, 16
Craig Sharp
David Fisher
Vicky Rowe
30 Aug, 16
Donna Thornton
Chris Ford
Craig Sharp
06 Sep, 16
Byron Williamson
Laurie Glossop
Donna Thornton
16 Sep, 16
Laurie Glossop
21 Sep, 16
David Fisher
Peter Batskos
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