Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 825 Issue Date: 23 Sep, 2018

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The Waist Disposal Cup.....can we win it!!

Waist Disposal Challenge for the RCWE


This week our President Chris Ford gave a strong, dare say passionate, presentation on why many of us need to lose weight.

Many people are aware of the health issues of having excessive weight, but Chris provided us with extra reasons to lose weight.

Our Club has previously been visited by Professor Samar Aoun of Curtin University who is promoting healthy living through the "Waist Disposal Challenge". Many Rotary Clubs have now taken up the Challenge and many people are being successful in bringing their weight lower and enjoying the benefits of a lower Body Mass Index. Just go to the internet and search "Waist Disposal Challenge" to find out other Rotary Clubs taking the challenge.

The "modern" Statue of David

Waist Disposal Challenge - Performance of other Rotary Clubs - are we up to the challenge

Chris provided us a PowerPoint presentation on the program being implemented by Professor Aoun. Chris was so enthusiastic in the presentation he went 15 minutes over time, but that is the prerogative of being President.

Next week will be the official "weight-in" and height measurement to determine our initial BMI. Clothes are to remain on during the weigh-in to keep Australia beautiful.

At this time of year there is lots of discussion on weights with the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup......where're off and running in the "Waist Disposal Cup"!!




Author: Laurie Glossop

Published: 24 October, 2009


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